5 Famous Pompeii Artefacts You Need to See

Pompeii was destroyed after a volcanic eruption, leaving behind all different artefacts.

There have been so many different artefacts found in Pompeii so far. These objects provide insight into the Pompeii citizen’s lives before Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.

From what Pompeians used to eat to the artwork they painted, discover some of the most incredible artefacts.

  1. Human and animal casts

These casts are the victims who suffered during the 79 AD volcanic eruption. They capture the final moments of the Pompeii citizens and animals before they were covered in a thick layer of ash, forming moulds over time.

Archaeologist Giuseppe Fiorelli had the idea of using plaster in the moulds to create the casts we can see today.

The notable casts include the crouching man who was covering his mouth and the guard dog who was left chained to a post.

  1. Giraffe bone

Among the many food findings in Pompeii, the giraffe bone is perhaps the most interesting. This really showcased how wealthy some of the Pompeii citizens were.

Other food findings include loaves of bread, which Pompeians would eat with most meals.

  1. Graffiti

Throughout Pompeii, surviving graffiti from before the eruption can be seen today. A notable one translates to “I don’t want to sell my husband, not for all the gold in the world,” found in the House of Caprasius Primus.

  1. Golden snake armband

Lots of jewellery pieces have been found in Pompeii, including this golden snake armband. Engraved inside the armband is “dominus ancillae suae,” translating to “from the master to his slave.” It is believed to be a gift from an intimate relationship between a Roman master and his slave girl.

  1. Alexander Mosaic

Pompeii boasts various paintings found throughout the city, most of which are frescos, where the artists would paint directly on the wall.
The Alexander Mosaic is perhaps the most famous one in Pompeii, showing the battle between Alexander the Great and King Darius III of Persia.

Archaeologists continue to discover more of Pompeii, with new findings still occurring. There is a lot more to explore when walking through Pompeii or visiting different museums and exhibits around the world.

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