Do I need to buy Pompeii tickets in advance?

Pompeii is one of the most interesting places in all of Europe. The town of Pompeii was once a thriving and rather advanced village in Italy, yet the city – and all its residents – was destroyed by the massive volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. It is now a captivating archaeological site.

The most incredible part was not that this city went undiscovered until the 1700s, but it was the way in which the city was so well preserved. Buried under metres of rubble and volcanic ash, archaeologists and historians were able to carefully uncover the time capsule of Pompeii and understand what life would have been like for those who lived there. It was discovered by accident when digging a water tunnel, approximately 1500 years after it was ruined.

The natural preservation was so miraculous that plaster could be filled in the holes where bodies once laid. This created life-size replicas of the people of Pompeii in their last moments. These replicas are seen throughout your tour of the city.

A tour of Pompeii is the best way to experience the city. Your expert guide will talk and walk with you through the streets and explain what a day in the life would have been for a civilian. You can physically see where the streets went, where the bakers worked and markets were held, and even what the homes were like for the wealthy and the poor.

Pompeii Tickets

Pompeii tours are great for another reason – they include your entry fee, and you will avoid the long queues to buy tickets and access the site.

To maintain the city as good as possible and continue to offer travellers the chance to explore Pompeii, you do need tickets to gain admission. If you happen to time your visit to coincide, the last Sunday of every month is free entry for all visitors.

If you are coming on your own, it is highly recommended to buy your tickets online or at a kiosk ahead of time. This will guarantee a breezy entry, without needing to stand in what could be a very long queue. Lining up for extended periods – especially in summer – is not the best way to start your day in Pompeii! Be sure to book your tickets through the official website.

Life in Pompeii

For a quick history lesson, one of the key takeaways when discovering Pompeii hidden below the ash was understanding the people who lived here. Looking at what was left behind, the people seemed rather advanced for their time. Complex water systems, a gymnasium, and an amphitheatre prove that daily life was vibrant. There was wealth, fashion, and travelling. Hear about this – and so much more – as you walk the same streets they did.

Getting to Pompeii

Pompeii is within easy reach of the towns of Naples and Sorrento. Tours are available to begin in any of these cities, where you will continue onto Pompeii. If you are staying in Rome, you will need to allocate an entire day to visit Pompeii, as it about a 3-hour drive. Many tours from Rome will stop in Naples on the way – and as the birthplace of pizza, you won’t be too mad about that.

Visiting the remains of this ancient city is like taking a step back in time. An afternoon or morning walking the stone streets of Pompeii will be a memorable experience, learning about the monumental historical event that abruptly ended an estimated 15,000 lives. While you’re there, for those feeling able, you can also walk to the summit of Mount Vesuvius. It will take 20-45 minutes to reach the crater depending on your fitness levels.

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