How far is Pompeii from Rome?

The city of Pompeii is one of the most visited areas of Italy, famous for its ancient preserved sites and historic demise. But where exactly is Pompeii?

How far away from Rome

Pompeii is located more than 200 kilometres south of Rome, nestled nearby the coast at around about a twenty-three kilometres from Naples. It remains next door to the looming volcano of Mount Vesuvius.

How far is Pompeii from Rome?

How to get to Pompeii

Getting there can be a bit of a pain depending on which route and transport you pick. So, working out beforehand which suits you best is crucial when minimising your frustration.


Driving with your own car or a rented one may seem like the easiest option, but there are complications to all types of travel. For those overseas visitors, driving on Italy roads may be tricky. They are notoriously busy, especially close to the city centre. As well, as it is a two-hour trip fuelling up is necessary, which can take a bit out of your spending for the journey. Parking as well can cost you an arm and a leg depending on where you park, so make sure to research the cheapest option beforehand.


If you aren’t a fan of the winding roads, simply hop on a train in the morning and sit back to relax. The train line heads down the coast which guarantees you a stunning scenic view for your journey. The Train takes around a couple hours, but tickets can vary in price depending on which time you purchase. Closer to the date will ensure a more expensive journey, and which cabin class you choose can change the cost.

Frecciarossa Train


Skip checking the timetables, route, or any other travelling chore when you join a tour. All you need is purchase a ticket prior to the tour date and set off. Be picked up and dropped off at your Rome hotel and make the journey by a tour bus as your guide fills you in on all the Pompeii facts! Once there, the guide and help you skip those lines and give you insider secrets that you may not learn alone. This is usually a full day afar, with a couple of hours to and from travelling, with a whole day of historic touring.

Travelling to Pompeii from other main cities

If driving, Naples is a quick thirty-minute route, Sorrento a forty-five-minute trek, and Florence a whopping four-and-a-half-hour drive.

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