How long does it take to tour Pompeii?

Travel back in time to the days of the Roman Empire at the famous Pompeii. Known as the most popular archaeological site in the entire world. The volcanic destruction of Mount Vesuvius caused a tragic but incredible natural phenomenon, sealing away the entire ancient city under a thick layer of ash. Nowadays you can wander the streets of Pompeii, peeking into ancient buildings and marvelling at artefacts leftover. But how long does it usually take to see everything?

Your starting point in Pompeii

How long you will need will depend on your base point. Pompeii is now found in the modern-day region of Campania, located south of Rome. In this location, it is capable to journey to and from a number of Italy spots, including Rome, Florence, or Southern Italy. Rome, being the hot tourist spot of Italy, is most likely your base point. It usually takes two-and-a-half hours to drive through the countryside, so make sure you set enough time for this. Naples, Sorrento, and other southern towns are by far the closest to Pompeii, with only a short thirty-minute drive. This is your best place to stay if you aren’t wanting a chock-full day of driving. Florence a whopping four-and-a-half-hour journey, which makes your adventure more of a road trip and a short-day journey.

What you’ll need to see in Pompeii?

Do the Obvious Sights


The magnificent amphitheatre of ancient Rome is an unforgettable sight. A stadium that once seated a whopping 20, 000 people, it was once the biggest event holding venue in all of Pompeii. Hosting past ancient games including the famed gladiators.

The Villa of Mysteries

The Roman villa of Mysteries is a fantastic sight to see in Pompeii. This preserved sight is breathtaking with stunning frescoes decorating the walls. The frescos are beautifully preserved, and still, display the bright colours in sections. Displaying past stories, beliefs, and traditions of the Roman citizens. Take a stroll down to the outskirts of Pompeii, only a short walk to and from.


For a tantalising venture, peek inside the ancient brothels. Pompeii was known as a flourishing city, filled with wealthy Romans who enjoyed the houses of pleasure. Visit the persevered buildings to see the fascinating past lives of the workers and customers. The reputation of these brothels, as well as the erotic art painted on the walls, illustrate these brothels to be an exotic treat for the wealthy, but the reality of the sex worker’s lives are quite tragic. Find out more on your Pompeii visit!

If you’ve got time in Pompeii


The baths of Pompeii were practical, cultural, and social activity back in the Ancient Roman times. Bathing was once a communal activity, as it was very rare for any house to have their own private bath. These public baths were like public pools, with separate baths for women, men, and salves. Venture in to see the elaborate decorations in the bathhouses.


Herculaneum, the less known, little brother of Pompeii. Located about a half an hour drive from Pompeii, this small town is booming with well-preserved sights. Despite its size, Herculaneum was an incredibly wealthy village, leaving behind a rich amount of beauties to see.

In Conclusion

There isn’t a set length of time that determines how long you will need in Pompeii, as everyone’s trip is different. We suggest doing a bit of research before your journey, to see what interests you and what doesn’t. After that, you can work out how long you will need, whether it being a couple hours, a full day, or an entire weekend!

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