Should I go to Mount Vesuvius or Pompeii first?

Save the trip out and visit both Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii in one day.

We recommend visiting Pompeii first as you can go there early in the morning and spend a few hours before going to Mount Vesuvius. Read below to find out more information on where to stay and what times you should visit the two sites.

Where should I stay?

You can stay at some hotels near Pompeii, but it’s suggested to stay in one of the more popular cities. Most travellers will stay in Naples or Sorrento as they are a quick half hour’s train ride away. Or it’s a 20 minute drive from Naples and a 35 minute drive from Sorrento.

Capri is another option to stay and easily still reach Pompeii. It is about an hour and a half and you’ll need to catch a ferry and then a train.

Rome is another location where people stay and go to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius for a day trip. The train can take about two hours, or you can drive in under three hours.

What time should I arrive at Pompeii?

The site opens at 9 AM so you should aim to arrive around that time or just before. The earlier you go, the more chance you have to avoid the crowd and the lengthy queues that comes along with a wait time. We recommend buying your tickets in advance online or booking a tour.

When you arrive early, you can spend around four hours and leave right as the busy time starts. This will give you enough time to explore Pompeii and grab some lunch before heading to Mount Vesuvius.

How do I get from Pompeii to Mount Vesuvius?

After you have explored Pompeii and you have had your lunch, it’s time to head off to Mount Vesuvius. You can go on a bus tour or take a public bus which will take you close to the entry at Mount Vesuvius. You can also hop in the car and drive yourself.

Before you arrive, you will need to buy your tickets to climb Mount Vesuvius online as you cannot buy them at the gate.

If getting your way around is confusing or you want an easier option, there are guided tours available. Guided tours are a great option as you can learn more about Pompeii and its history, as well as the volcano that destroyed the city before. You can book a tour that departs from Sorrento and Naples in the morning. And, are you going to explore both sights or leave it at just one? Whatever you do, you’ll have a great time exploring!

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