What is there to do in Pompeii besides ruins?

Pompeii is the biggest archaeological site in the world. With a whole city classified as ruins, there’s still more to do outside of Pompeii.

Even though Pompeii is all about ruins, there is still more to do nearby. You can visit Mount Vesuvius which was the volcano that erupted and destroyed Pompeii. Or you can even visit nearby cities such as Naples, Capri, and Sorrento. We do still recommend visiting Pompeii to see the ruins as it’s very fascinating to walk around the town.

Mount Vesuvius

In 79 A.D., the volcano Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii. Today Mount Vesuvius is still active, but the last eruption was in 1944. You can climb Mount Vesuvius and it can take 30 minutes to reach the top. It is safe to climb the volcano as local geologists are observing Mount Vesuvius. If the geologists believe it might erupt, they’ll let you know straight away to clear away from the trail.


Naples is the food capital of the world and is the closest city to Pompeii. Naples has access to volcanic soil due to Mount Vesuvius being right next to the city. Because of the volcanic soil, the farmers can produce Italy’s best fruits and vegetables. It’s 100% a must to eat a pizza when in Naples, as it’s the city that invented this delicious food! You can see one of the Naples churches like San Gregorio Armeno. Walking through Naples, you might find yourself looking at some of the street art by Banksy and Bosoletti.


Capri is a beautiful island that is a must visit when in Pompeii. When in Capri you can relax and enjoy the cheese boards and the views, or you can explore the stunning island. A popular activity in Capri is hiking Monte Solaro which is the highest part of the island. When you’re at the top of Monte Solaro, you can see the whole island and the surrounding area. The Blue Grotto is also a big highlight of Capri. It is a sea cave where the water looks extremely blue due to how the sunlight enters the cave. You’re not able to swim inside the Blue Grotto, but you can go on a boat and see it that way.


Sorrento is perfect to escape the busier and bigger cities in Italy. The city has a fascinating history and was once ruled by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, French and Spanish. The best place to go for some food and wine in Sorrento is the central square, Piazza Tasso. Sorrento has vineyards near Mount Vesuvius. So like Naples, they take advantage of the volcanic soil and grow their grapes here. If you’re visiting in summer, going to the beach is very much worth it. But it can get busy, so getting up early is your best option to get a good spot.

When visiting Pompeii, ensure you check out the volcano that ruined the city all of them years ago. And don’t forget to see one of the beautiful nearby cities!

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