What is there to do on Capri island?

A small island nestled in the Bay of Naples, Capri is the hidden jewel of Italy. Spoil yourself from sipping on soulful reds and chatting over cheese boards, to marvelling at the sheer natural beauty of the island. Famous for its luxurious shops, jagged landscape, and sapphire waters. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a relaxing break amongst the stunning scenery or a more upbeat getaway, Capri has you covered. Here are just a few noteworthy activities for your Capri adventure.

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is Capri’s cherished treasure, bringing a large majority of the island’s visitors for this very place. A magical sea cave lying along the coast of the island, the marvel of this location is the sunlight shining through the underwater cavity causes the water to glow a pure blue. Due to the popularity, there is usually a long queue of tour boats, so prepare for a long wait. However, this calm, peaceful natural wonder will be worth the delay. If you are a confident swimmer, you can even get there yourself in the afternoon to miss the crowds.

Hike the Cliffs

For a jaw-dropping view of Italy’s scenery, hike up to Monte Solaro. Located at the highest part of the island, it will amaze you at just how far the eye can see. Get your muscles burning as you trek up the lush terrain, or if you are feeling a bit lazy, take the chairlift running from Anacapri. If you’re not sure whether to go by foot or chairlift, do both and grab a one-way ticket for either the way up or way down. There is even a bar located right at the top, so you can enjoy a glass of wine in this photogenic spot.

The Palace Ruins

Learn some history of the area as you trek to the ruins of Villa Jovis. The island was ruled by the Roman Empire for almost ten years, with this villa commissioned by Emperor Tiberius who ruled in AD14–37. Out of the twelve villas built, this was by far the largest and most luxurious, similar to a palace in every way. The palace has been reduced to ruins, but still holds a fascinating history, and is well worth the half an hour walk to get there.

Discover the waters

See the stunning surrounding areas of the island, by either hopping on a boat tour or hire a boat yourself. Cruise next to the Faraglioni, three mysterious rock structures emerging from the waters. Or visit the Green Grotto, an alternative to the busy blue grotto.


Take some R&R at the Island’s crystalline beaches. What is better than lounging on a towel, drinking a delicious fruity cocktail, and gazing out over the pristine waters of the Mediterranean? Make sure to get there a bit earlier as the beaches fill up in the summer months.

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