Where to Discover the Beauty of Naples

Naples, or as it is known by its locals, Napoli, is Italy’s third largest city and can be found on the south west coast of the country. Naples is the capital city of the region of Campania and the province of Napoli. The city itself has a population of roughly 1 million, however with the surrounding suburbs, it is home to more than 3 million.

The History of Naples

Much like almost every other Italian city, Naples is a destination steeped in fascinating history. In fact, Naples may be one of the most historically rich cities in the country. Founded by a Greek colony in the 7th century, this iconic city is around 1400 years old. It has also been consistently inhabited since its founding, making it one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. Though the Romans and the Greek colony living in Napoli at the time were on good terms, the Romans made a move to add this to their list of Roman colonies. Unlike many other colonisations though, the Romans had immense respect for the people of Naples and as a result they maintained the Greek language and customs.

The Beauty of Naples Today

Home to the largest city centre in Europe, known as the Centro Storico, or Historic Centre, Naples is a UNESCO world heritage site. Even though Naples is the closest major city to the active Mount Vesuvius volcano, it still acts as a hub for travelers from around the world to explore Italy. Since the last eruption was in 1944 had little to no effect on the people of Naples, the residents go on about their daily lives like anywhere else. What this means for the city is that they have been able to make the most of the rich volcanic soil, with farmers producing some of the country’s very best fruits and vegetables. Along with the thriving ocean that Naples borders, this has led Naples to be one of the food capitals of the world. Most agree that Naples is the perfect place to visit to enjoy the very best of Italy’s pizzas, pastas, coffee and of course seafood.

Though the city may have the same grime and hard appearance of many others around the world. there is an undeniable charm to Naples that envelops all who visit it. There is no doubt that a visit to Napoli will be one of the most authentic modern-day Italian experiences you will have on your tour of Italy.

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