Why you should visit Naples on your next Holiday

Italy can be an extraordinarily big place to visit. With exceptional cities, pristine coasts and historic areas all scatter in. With large attractions including Rome and Venice, the coastal city of Naples may fall through the cracks during your holiday in Italy. But some may be surprised at all the incredible sights and activities this city can offer, so don’t rule out Naples.

Pizza Heaven

Most who think of Italy will think of the country’s incredible food, most particularly the delicious creation of pizza! To all the pizza lovers out there (and let’s face it who isn’t) Naples is the best place to go for a historic slice. This is because Naples is the very first place to create the famous Margherita pizza. The city was known for serving flatbreads with toppings to the poor workers. But a local baker, Raffaele Esposito was the first to bake the pizza pie covered in tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings.

National Archaeological Museum

For history buffs, visit the Naples Archaeological Museum to learn all about the country’s rich history and culture. The museum is home to an assortment of ancient artefacts and relics, including some of the fascinating body casts from Pompeii. Although it isn’t the biggest museum, the quality in each item is well worth the pop in.

Day trip from Naples

Naples is a great base point for the exception attractions surrounding it. for a day amidst the sun and sea, head out the Bay of Naples greatest spots. Take a boat and cruise to the island Capri, visiting the famous blue lagoon while you’re at it. For a beach day, spend a sunny session in luxury Sorrento, relaxing at the pristine beaches lined with lounge chairs. For a swimming adventure, simply hop on board the blue and take off, heading out to the deeper waters for a spectacular day full of snorkelling. For a historic day, venture out to the ancient city of Pompeii and learn about the people of Italy’s past.

Underground City

Underneath the city’s historic centre streets lies a mysterious world. This honeycomb of ruins below the buildings is called ‘Napoli Sotteranea,’ and holds crumbling ruins from both Greek and Roman times. One of the best points is right underneath the San Lorenzo Maggiore church, that holds an ancient ruin of a Roman market. The market is amazingly intact, with storefronts of walls and ceilings unbroken. Including an ancient bakery that still holds a crumbling kitchen that looks eerily similar to modern day pizza ovens.

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