Why you should visit Naples on your next Holiday

A city of volcanic drama, art, elegance and food, Naples continues to be overlooked by tourists and we’re here to change that and tell you about all the amazing things Naples has to offer

Italy can be an extraordinarily big place to visit. With exceptional cities, pristine coasts and historic areas its hard to choose just one place to go too. With large attractions including Rome and Venice, the coastal city of Naples may fall through the cracks during your holiday in Italy. But some may be surprised at all the incredible sights and activities this city can offer, so don’t rule out Naples just yet. Instead, look through our list of things to do and then make your own decision on this misjudged holiday destination.

  • Pizza Heaven

    Most who think of Italy will think of the country’s incredible food, most particularly the delicious creation of pizza! To all the pizza lovers out there (and let’s face it who isn’t) Naples is the best place to go for a historic slice. This is because Naples is the very first place to create the famous Margherita pizza. The city was known for serving flatbreads with toppings to the poor workers. But a local baker, Raffaele Esposito was the first to bake the pizza pie covered in tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings. If you’re looking for the ultimate wood-fired pizza head to Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, the oldest pizzeria serving the best traditional, Neopolitan pizza. And don’t forget all the other Italian delicacies that Naples does just as well as its neighbours, including, pasta, pastries and delicious seafood. With the bay situated right next to the mediterranean sea, Naples is in the perfect location to catch, prepare and serve some of the freshest seafood for miles. Unlike Rome or Florence who have to import their fish into the city, Naples has it right there on their doorstep. So, whilst you’re there, dig in!

  • National Archaeological Museum

    For history buffs, visit the Naples Archaeological Museum to learn all about the country’s rich history and culture. The perfect way to get to know this underrated city even more, explore the museum’s wide array of Roman and Greek artefacts, plus a selection of works from Pompeii and Herculaneum. Inside the museum is an assortment of ancient relics, including some of the fascinating body casts from Pompeii. Although not the biggest museum in Italy, it’s well worth a visit for its collection of marble statues, beautiful mosaics, and huge display of ancient Egyptian artefacts, including mummified remains and death masks. A great educational visit for even the youngest of the group. The building itself is an interesting artefact. Built in the 1750s, this fine ornate building used to operate as a military and cavalry barracks and was only turned into a museum in later years. If you’re interested, the museum is located on the north side of the harbour with a metro sign right next to the building.

  • Day trip from Naples

    As well as being an interesting city by itself Naples is also a great base point for the exceptional attractions surrounding it. For a day relaxing in the sun, sea and sand, head out to the Bay of Naples greatest spots. Take a boat and cruise to the island Capri, visiting the famous blue lagoon while you’re at it and explore the island’s ancient villas and botanical gardens. For a beach day, spend a sunny session in luxury Sorrento, relaxing at the pristine beaches lined with lounge chairs. For a swimming adventure, simply hop on board the blue and take off, heading out to the deeper waters for a spectacular day full of snorkelling. For a historic day, venture out to the ancient city of Pompeii, 26 km from Naples and learn about the eruption that ended and preserved the lives of this ancient Roman city. Afterwards you can visit the volcano to blame for the city’s destruction by climbing Mount Vesuvius. Be daring and reward yourself with the view from the mountain top as you take the 20-30 minute hike to the top. The views on a clear day are breathtaking, plus the caldera and crater are hugely interesting as well.

  • Underground City

    Underneath the city’s historic centre lies a mysterious world. This honeycomb of ruins below the city is called ‘Napoli Sotteranea,’ and holds crumbling ruins from both Greek and Roman times. To feel transported to another world, take a trip down under (and no I don’t mean Australia). The San Gennaro Catacombs will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time as you escape the hustle and bustle of street level by going underground where a network of tunnels and passageways lie. Access this secret maze via the Basilica dell’Incoronata in the northern part of Naples. Once underground, you’ll find a network of tunnels spread over two levels lined with graves and crypts dating back to 2000 years ago. One of the best points is right underneath the San Lorenzo Maggiore church, that holds an ancient ruin of a Roman market. The market is amazingly intact, with storefronts of walls and ceilings unbroken. Including an ancient bakery that still holds a crumbling kitchen that looks eerily similar to modern-day pizza ovens. If you don’t mind small spaces and feel bold enough to take on the dimly lit passageways, which contain a staggering 3000 burials, a trip to the catacombs is well worth a visit.

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