A Newly Discovered Erotic Fresco Unearthed In Pompeii

The historic city of Pompeii is famous throughout the world. Known for its tragic demise and its natural preservation after thousands of years underground. Archaeologists have unearthed incredible sights, including ancient buildings, traditional artefacts, and even human remains. However, they are still not done, with newly discovered pieces found every few years. Including the most recent unearthing of a fresco found in an ancient bedroom.

However remarkable this discovery is, the fresco’s illustration is an unusual sight; depicting a woman having sex with a swan.

The Legend

The fresco is inspired from a classical mythology of the Spartan Queen Leda, who was impregnated by Zeus (who was known as Jupiter in Roman mythology.) Leda was the daughter of Thestios, the King of Pleuron. She was known as a stunning woman to all who knew her. Marrying the King of Spartan, Tyndareus, when she became of age. Her beauty captivated the god Zeus, who often spied on her from his throne on Mount Olympus. Zeus soon disguised himself as a magnificent swan and fell into Leda’s arms for protection from a pursuing bird. After laying down together, Zeus impregnated Leda. Leda is said to of been intimate with both Zeus and her husband on the same night. After falling pregnant, Leda hatched two eggs, which produced four children, Helen (known as Helen of Troy,) Clytemnestra, Castor, and Pollux. Helen and Pollux were seen as Zeus’s children, and Clytemnestra and Castor were Tyndareus’s. The four children’s fame greatly outstretched that of their mother, but this animal-human impregnation was a famous legend in Pompeii time.

Pompeii’s Fresco

Although this was a common illustration during Ancient Roman times, this fresco is quite unique. Leda is depicted sitting in this painting, which is unusual as most of the past paintings portray her standing. The new frescos clearly catches the swan and Leda mid-act, which was usually never portrayed, commonly only showing the lead up only. Lastly, the unique depiction is Leda’s eye direction; looking straight at the viewer as they enter the room. Watching the observer with a distinctive sensuality which is quite unique compared to the side looks most illustrations in Pompeii depicted.

Where to see the Fresco?

Step back in time as you stroll the cobblestone streets and marvel at the historic beauty. Leda’s fresco is located in a bedroom at an upscale home. Visit it to see not just this masterpiece, but another beautiful fresco which was discovered earlier in the year. Your adventure to Ancient Rome awaits!

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