Top Things to do in Pompeii

The vast archaeological site of Pompeii is famous throughout the world. Bringing travellers from all over to step into the old streets of the ancient Romans. The volcanic destruction of this once great city has left us with a perfect snapshot of these times. With incredible attractions that illustrate the once thriving community’s daily lives. Here is a quick look at the key places to check out!

Best Things to do in Pompeii


The oldest roman amphitheatre still existing, this theatre once seated a whopping 20, 000 people. It was said to be an incredibly popular place for the Pompeii people, with past entertainments including the renowned gladiators’ games. With the top section of the amphitheatre still intact, take a seat and be transported back to the ancient times of Pompei

Brothels of Pompeii

If you are interested in a more tantalising venture, why not visit the ancient brothels of Pompeii? The historic city was a thriving place for the wealthy, with luxurious indulgences including the houses of pleasure. Although the Pompeii people displayed these brothels as an erotic and exotic treat, the reality of the sex worker’s lives are quite tragic. Many of the workers were slaves who worked in tiny cells, only big enough for a small stone bed. Despite this heartbreaking past, these structures are still worth seeing. Beautifully preserved, with erotic art painted on the walls, displaying the services provided for this historic community.


Bathing was a major part in Pompeii’s culture and society. It was a communal activity, with public Baths offering citizens to bathe freely together. The baths were similar sizes to public pools of today, with separate baths for women, men, and salves. Scattered around Pompeii, these bathhouses vary in sizes, some with adjoining courtyards or even swimming pools. Incredibly preserved, you can view the elaborate and stunning lifestyle these past communities lived.

The Villa of Mysteries

The Roman villa of Mysteries is one of the most popular attractions in Pompeii. It is incredibly preserved, with astonishing frescoes still displaying bright colours. It is on the outskirts of the city and takes around half an hour to walk to. However, the amazing scenery of the area is well worth the stroll.

House of the Small Fountain

Although this attraction is small, it holds a great amount of beauty. Once a past home to a rich family, the house is filled with stunning architecture, preserved frescos, as well as the famous fountain. The fountain is the main reason tourists venture here, decorated with colourful mosaics and shells, with a small bronze statue. The beautiful ornamented fountain was once a popular fashionable feature in ancient times and shows us the incredible detail each slice of Pompeii once had.


Once you have seen everything Pompeii offers, why not travel to the small, wealthy village of Herculaneum? Due to being around about a half an hour drive from Pompeii, the village had much more time to react. With most of the inhabitants escaping before the entire town’s destruction. The town is rich in preserved beauties, and due to its size, is a less crowded area to venture into.