What are the Pompeii opening hours?

The historic city of Pompeii has some of the most fascinating structures from temples, houses, and theatres.

All year round, Pompeii will open at 9 AM. But throughout the year the last entrance and closing times will change. Between April and October, the last entrance time is 5:30 PM and the closing time is 7 PM. Then between November and March, the last entrance time is 3:30 PM and the closing time is 5 PM.

What time should I arrive in Pompeii?

We recommend you arrive at the Pompeii gates just before 9 AM to avoid any of the lengthy queues. If you are staying in Sorrento or Naples, you can make a quick trip down to Pompeii in the morning. Rome is a bit further away, but you can still make a day trip to Pompeii from Rome.

Tourist taking a photo in Pompeii

What can I see at Pompeii?

You won’t be able to see everything of Pompeii, but to see some of the highlights you’ll only need around four hours. A great way to see the best parts of Pompeii is to book a guided tour. The tour guide will show you around and tell you about the history of these buildings and the city.

As you’re walking through the ancient city, here are some sites you could see.

Teatro Grande

The Teatro Grande was a theatre that held a capacity of 5000 people. Many tragedies and comedies were shown here.

The Forum

Perhaps one of the more popular attractions in Pompeii is The Forum. The Forum was used for almost everything related to culture, religion, and politics.

The Forum includes other buildings like shops and temples, and you can see the deadly Mount Vesuvius from here too.

House of the Faun

The House of the Faun is the most visited building and once belonged to a wealthy elite family. The house is also one of the largest homes in Pompeii which took up a whole city block.


This was the largest brothel in Pompeii, comprising ten rooms. All the rooms included a stone block, which would’ve had a mattress on top for a bed.

The walls had erotic frescos which are believed to have been used as a menu of services and a way to get customers in the mood.

If you visit Pompeii on the first Sunday of the month, you can enter for free! Keep in mind on these Sundays the queues are a lot longer. If you want free entry, you should plan to arrive before opening hours to secure a spot.

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