What to eat in Southern Italy

Italian food has conquered the cuisine world, with many of its iconic dishes crossing borders and belonging to a range of different cuisines.

Visit the wonderland of Italy’s Southside, a sunny paradise bursting with Italian charm, history, and magnificent coastline views. Southern Italy is home to an array of different delicacies, but where to start? We are listing the top southern foods essential on your trip to Italy!

Woodfire Pizza

When you think of Italy, you most likely think of pizza! By far Italy’s greatest cuisine creations, with Naples nestled in Southern Italy is the very first place to make the famous Margherita pizza. The local baker, Raffaele Esposito is listed as the first to create a pizza pie covered in tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings- despite earlier recordings of the city serving flatbreads with toppings eaten by the poor workers prior to this. Save room on your travels for a chance to taste the delicious, traditional slice of this mouth-watering recipe. The gorgeous narrow streets lined with ancient churches, houses, and palaces along the way are just a bonus.

Fried Pizza

After trying out the traditional, take a gamble and bite into the famous fried-up pizza. This huge calzone is filled with melted ricotta cheese and thickly sliced ham. The dough is much crisper than the regular, giving a mixture of both gooey and crunchy texture. Perfect for an on the go snack as you wonder the Italian cobblestone streets.


It’s no wonder that Southern Italy is famous for its fresh seafood, a majority of its popular towns and cities are nestled along the Bay of Naples. The area offers a wide range of seafood choices, including lobsters, mussels, octopus, and local fish. It’s a good thing wine goes perfectly with seafood, because Italy is swarming with that as well!


What goes best with a hot summer’s day than a delightful cone of creamy gelato? Italian’s do it best, serving up some of the richest flavours with no trace of any artificial flavouring. Have it in the day, afternoon, or night-any time goes with this dish.


It would be a crime to travel around Italy without trying a local pasta dish. Southern Italy is particularly good at gnocchi, crafting pieces from the secret family recipes that are served in homemade tomato sauce.


Finish your dinner off with a sweet tasting limoncello. South Italy is famous for their lemons and limoncello, selling their products around the world for all to enjoy. Try the original as you enjoy the sunset setting over the beachside.

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