When is Pompeii closed?

A short trip from Naples is Pompeii, an ancient city once covered in volcanic ash.

One of the essential experiences when visiting Italy is walking through Pompeii. The historic town was thriving before a tragic volcanic eruption in 79 AD. Pompeii is located on the west coast of Italy and today is known as an archaeological site where travellers visit to see the town for themselves.

Unless communicated on the website, the only days of the year Pompeii is closed are January 1, May 1, and December 25.

Pompeii’s Amphitheatre

Opening hours

Pompeii is generally open every day of the year, with seasonal visiting hours.

From November 1 to March 31, the park is open from 9 AM to 5 PM, with the last entrance being at 3:30 PM

From April 1 to October 31, the park is open from 9 AM to 7 PM, with the last entrance at 5:30 PM.

Where to buy tickets 

You can buy tickets online from the official website or at the ticket office near one of the entrances of Pompeii. The official ticket offices are at the Porta Marina, Piazza Esedra, and Piazza Anfiteatro entrances.

How to get to Pompeii

The most popular places people travel from to reach Pompeii are Naples, Sorrento, and Rome. From these cities, the best way to reach Pompeii is via train, car, or tour.

If you’re travelling by car, there are parking spots around. Otherwise, the closest train station is the Pompei Scavi Villa Dei Misteri. If you’d like to book a tour there are ones that leave from Sorrento, Rome, and Naples.

What to see in Pompeii

When Pompeii is open, there is a lot to see! Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see all of Pompeii, that’s why these highlights are a must see.


Throughout some buildings in Pompeii are brilliant frescos, once used as decoration. Frescos were a way to light up a room, and they were spread through shops, homes, and even brothels.

Pompeii’s Amphitheatre

A lot of major cities throughout Roman times had an amphitheatre, so it was only right for Pompeii to have its own. The Pompeii Amphitheatre is an iconic landmark that once held events from gladiator fights, chariot racing, and animal hunts.

Pompeii Forum

Like most forums, the Pompeii Forum is found in the centre of the city. Around the Forum there were markets, some major temples, and the Forum Baths. Something else to notice when you’re standing in the Pompeii Forum, is Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that destroyed the city in the distance.

To make the most of your Pompeii visit, we recommend booking a guided tour. A tour guide teaches you the history of Pompeii as you walk down the roadways and into the ancient buildings. The guided tour also includes a skip the line ticket, so there’s no need to wait in the lengthy queue!

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