Where to eat in Pompeii

You can easily spend an entire day at the archaeological site of Pompeii. Discovering the secrets of the ancient city, stepping into crumbling buildings and marvelling at antique artefacts But during this jam-packed adventure, where should you stop to refuel? Pompeii is not like your everyday city which will have a café on every corner, so choosing the right place to eat is a bit tougher. Therefore, to make your trip easier, we have listed the best places to eat in and around Pompeii.


There are a number of restaurants lining the entrance to the site. The first and most commonly used is the Pompeii Scavi Café. Since there is no re-entry into the ruins once you’ve left, people may find themselves hungry during their day visit. This is the only restaurant within the walls of Pompeii, allowing people to refuel and continue their ancient discovery. Despite the convenience of the café, it is quite expensive for what you get. If you want a delicious dinner after a long day at Pompeii, step outside and take the short walk to the local Hostaria Plinio. Owned by friendly locals, this restaurant is both affordable and delicious! another great local spot is the President restaurant. With a flair for historical and cultural dishes, the meals change year-round depending on the fresh produce available.

Food Carts

There are a number of street food to choose from, littering the streets that stand by the park’s entrance. A great one to choose from is the Sofì, which offers a cheap and tasty Neapolitan street food. This includes the rustic Panino Napolitano, which is a delicious doughy roll stuffed with cheese and salami. If you are just looking for a quick bite as you wander the streets, this cart is for you.


Picnic in Pompeii grounds! Seeing as all the actual restaurants in Pompeii are outside the grounds, an easier way to rest during your tour is with a picnic. There are a number of picnic areas inside the park, allowing you to pack some lunch prior to getting there, or to purchase food from the cafeteria near the forum area. Here you can enjoy the view while tucking into your lunch, with the spectacular ruins are surrounding the area.

Nearby Cities

If you are planning on staying at one of the many cities scattering Southern Italy, or simply driving through, stopping off for a delicious local cuisine is both a convenient and delicious option. If stopping off at the charming Sorrento, venture to Piazza Tasso. A buzzing hub that lies in the heart of the city, jam-packed with an array of restaurants and bars. If your craving seafood, try the sandy stretch of Marina Grande to dig into the wide selection of freshly caught goodies. If Naples is your choice, try out the local wood-fired pizza. The city is famous for being the very first place to make the famous Margherita pizza. So, save some room on your travels for a chance to taste a traditional slice of this mouth-watering recipe.

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