Where to stay in Pompeii?

The archaeological site of Pompeii is famous for its catastrophic ending. A once thriving ancient city devastated by the nearby volcano Mount Vesuvius. The entire city was buried under a thick layer of dirt and ash, preserving the buildings, artefacts, and human remains within. Pompeii brings traveller from all over the world, offering a chance to step into this historic world. Spending hours or days wandering the ruins. If you’re looking for a base to explore these spectacular ruins, you no further. As we have listed to top base points for your Pompeii adventure.


Around about a 35-minute drive away, Naples is the furthest base point from Pompeii. Despite this, Naples is worth the extra time in the car. With a little something for everyone, the city offers up delicious food, rich history, architecture, and stunning natural sights. Head back to Naples after a full day of Pompeii discoveries and try the local pizzas. Naples was the birthplace of the wood-fired pizza, with the same recipe passed down generations. For an extra slice of ancient history, the city’s National Archaeological Museum is home to an array of ancient artefacts for the area. Including some of Pompeii’s body casts.


Sorrento is the most popular base point for travellers, as it offers you only a short drive from a rich history of Pompeii, as well as offering great attraction within the city itself. This small town has a grand reputation for being an oasis from the hustle and bustle of other Italian cities. After getting your fill of Pompeii, make sure to set a couple days aside to discover your base town as well. Whether you’re looking for a spot with an element of adventure, peace and quiet, or a haven of natural beauty and charm, Sorrento is for you. Jam-packed with breathtaking views overlooking the Bay of Naples, unique historic landmarks at Old Sorrento, and an array of antique shops. Regardless of whether you stopped here for Pompeii, you will fall in love with this town.


This is by far the closest town from Pompeii you can stay at. Herculaneum was once the smaller, wealthy village that was Pompeii’s neighbour. It also got hit by Vesuvius’s destruction, but due to being further from range, the village had much more time to react. Ensuing majority of the inhabitants to escape the volcano’s wrath. This town is still rich in preserved beauties, with buckets of crumbling buildings and artefacts to discover. Stay at one of the hotels scattered around the ruin’s outskirts for an easy venture on your day tours.

Modern Pompeii

What better place to stay when visiting Pompeii but Pompeii. The ancient city itself no-go zone for any accommodation, restaurants, or modern buildings at all. But Modern Pompeii, which lies on the outskirts of the ruins, is a perfect place to stay. This small, charming town is home to a beautiful central square flanked by a cathedral and no shortage of restaurants. If you are the kind of traveller who enjoys walking and eating all day long, this is the perfect place for you.

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