Where you should visit nearby Pompeii

After seeing all that the ancient city of Pompeii has to offer, instead of heading directly back to your base city, why not explore the area? With the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast just a short drive away, you can transform your trip from a decent one into an unforgettable journey.


Pompeii’s little sister, although not as famous, Herculaneum is bursting with iconic sites to see. The town is nestled northwest from Pompeii, once known for its small size but wealthy reputation. As it sat further away from the erupting Mount Vesuvius, the citizens had more time to escape the tragic fate most Pompeii people faced. As the town was once quite rich, many luxury artefacts still remain today. With brightly coloured frescos and stunning ruins that give us a better understanding of these ancient people.


If you are still in the history buff mood try your luck at the National Archaeological Museum at Naples. Here is where a large display of Pompeii’s plaster casts lie, with professional guides and documentation there to help detail each and every one. While you’re here, you might as well dig into a traditional margarita pizza, as Naples is the very first place to ever invent the pizza in all of Italy.


Although usually overshadowed by bigger and more well-known cities nearby, Salerno is still a fantastic stop for your journey. Here you can avoid the tourist foot traffic, never having to wait long for a meal or line up at an attraction. The city has a vast amount of history and cultural, home to stunning cathedrals, gardens, and ancient buildings.

Mount Vesuvius

Yes, this stop may have a reputation for destroying cities and causing catastrophic harm, but it is still on our list due to its breathtaking view on top. Although it is still active today, scientists monitor it every day, making the climb up the mountain safe from any surprise eruptions. Lace up those walking shoes and set off! Although not an excruciatingly tough journey, it does require a bit of effort in sections. But all that sweat will be worth it when you catch sight of the 360-views stretching out to both Italy and the Mediterranean sea.


Although its size is small, the activities on offer are chock-a-block. With water activities, shopping sprees, local lunches, and stunning scenery promising you an enchanting time in the famous Sorrento. Visit this colourful wonderland, with bright blue skies and seas, colourful flowers and buildings, and vivid greenery bursting from the area.

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