Capri, Italy

A small island nestled in the Bay of Naples, Capri is the hidden jewel of Italy.


Spoil yourself from sipping on soulful reds and chatting over cheese boards, to marvelling at the sheer natural beauty of the island. Famous for its luxurious shops, jagged landscape, and sapphire waters. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a relaxing break amongst the stunning scenery or a more upbeat getaway, Capri has you covered. Here are just a few noteworthy activities for your Capri adventure.

Things to do in Capri

  • Hike the Cliffs

    For a jaw-dropping view of Italy’s scenery, hike up to Monte Solaro. Located at the highest part of the island, it will amaze you at just how far the eye can see. Get your muscles burning as you trek up the lush terrain, or if you want to take the more relaxed approach, take the chairlift running from Anacapri. If you’re not sure whether to go by foot or chairlift, do both and grab a one-way ticket for either the way up or way down. There is even a bar located right at the top, so you can enjoy a glass of wine in this photogenic spot.

  • The Palace Ruins

    Villa Jovis

    Learn some history of the area as you trek to the ruins of Villa Jovis. The island was ruled by the Roman Empire for almost ten years, with this villa commissioned by Emperor Tiberius who ruled in AD14–37. Out of the twelve villas built, this was by far the largest and most luxurious. The palace has been reduced to ruins, but still holds a fascinating history, and is well worth the half an hour walk to get there.

  • Marina Piccola

    With a view of the Faraglioni rocks, the picturesque little bay of Marina Piccola on the south of the island is a beautiful place to spend some time. A short flight of steps leads you down to the sheltered bay where you can take in a site famous in Greek mythology. It is here that, legend has it, Ulysses was seduced by the Sirens.

  • Charterhouse of St. Giacomo and the Gardens of Augustus

    Charterhouse of St. Giacomo

    Escape the sun for a short while by wandering around the Charterhouse of St. Giacomo. The oldest historic building on Capri, the Charterhouse was built in the 14th century as a monastery but is now a museum and events venue. The buildings are divided into three main sections; the monk’s buildings, buildings for guests, and the pharmacy and women’s church. The central cloister is encircled by Roman marble columns and is lovely to stroll around and escape the midday sun.

    A short walk from the Charterhouse lies the Gardens of Augustus. The terraced gardens display the abundance of flora that grow on the island and offer spectacular views of the beautiful sights of Capri. If you’re looking for that perfect snapshot, then this is the place to capture it! Descending from the botanical garden to the beautiful azure sea is the winding stone pathway named Via Krupp. Sadly, the walkway is often closed due to risk of rock fall but this pathway is still beautiful to behold with its snakelike form carved into the cliff.

  • Discover the Waters

    See the stunning surrounding areas of the island, by either hopping on a boat tour or hire a boat yourself. Cruise next to the Faraglioni, three mysterious rock structures emerging from the waters and drift past the rugged edges of this wonderful island whilst you explore hidden caves and grottos. Or visit the Green Grotto, an alternative to the busy blue grotto.

  • Blue Grotto

    The Blue Grotto is Capri’s cherished treasure, bringing a large majority of the island’s visitors for this very place. A magical sea cave lying along the coast of the island, the marvel of this location is the sunlight shining through the underwater cavity causes the water to glow a pure blue. Due to the popularity, there is usually a long queue of tour boats, so prepare for a long wait. However, this calm, peaceful natural wonder will be worth the delay. If you are a confident swimmer, you can even get there yourself in the afternoon to miss the crowds.

  • Green and White Grotto

    Alternatives to the busy Blue Grotto, these caves are located on the south side of the island and are still a sight to behold. Though it is called Grotta Verde (Green Grotto) the waters here, like the Blue Grotto, are a beautiful blue. A trip here will be a calm adventure compared to its more famous brother you can take a dip in the crystal clear waters. A lovely way to cool down after your sun-drenched tour of Capri’s coastline.

    The White Grotto is so named because of the white stalactites which hang from its roof. Boats can enter the lower level of the cave but the upper level rises above your head. Here you can gaze into a cave which disappears into the rock, surrounded by pointed, white ‘teeth’.

  • Beach

    Take some R&R at the Island’s crystalline beaches. What could be better than lounging on a towel, drinking a delicious fruity cocktail, and gazing out over the pristine waters of the Mediterranean? Before you arrive be aware that not all beaches are free, and some paid-for beaches may require a reservation to avoid disappointment. Additionally, consider the time of day you are arriving to ensure you make the most of the sunshine. Beaches such as Marina Piccola have an early sunset so are better visited in the morning. During the summer months the beaches will always be busier but by planning ahead you can have the perfect relaxing beach day!

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