Can you hire a guide at Pompeii?

Pompeii is a unique part of the world to see. An entire town was preserved for thousands of years after it was covered in a blanket of rock and ash. Mount Vesuvius erupted some time in 79 AD and the town of Pompeii became part of history – until it was found again by accident.

The town and all the approx. 15,000 residents perished immediately following the aftermath of the volcanic eruption. The blistering hot gas and falling pumice were ruthless. What was most fascinating to archaeologists and historians was the apparent sophistication of the city when it was finally uncovered.

A guided tour of Pompeii is highly recommended, as you will step back in time as you walk these once bustling streets.

And bustling is not an exaggeration. The buildings, homes, villas and streets of Pompeii proved this city was a vivacious one. Market stalls, lush farms of produce for the village, an amphitheatre and a gymnasium prove the societal advances of Pompeii’s people.

Thanks to Giuseppe Fiorelli, the excavation of Pompeii was carried out carefully, keeping the remains intact and documenting everything as they went. The Italian archaeologist ensured unsafe and careless digging ceased, and he developed a technique to make casts of the bodies. The hallows found in the ash were filled with cement, which in turn created replicas of the people in Pompeii.

These techniques, and Fiorelli’s guidance are what make a visit to Pompeii so immersive and special. Your guide will show you were the people lived. Where they walked and worked. You will see bakeries and the streets. You will get an insight into what life was really like in Pompeii.

Guided Tours of Pompeii

To truly appreciate what people got up to in Pompeii, a guided tour is a fantastic opportunity to hear from an expert. Walking tours are available, as are private tours. Private tours are done with smaller groups, so you can ask all the questions you need to. Tours allow you to skip the long queues that can occur – particularly in high summer season.

You can book a tour of Pompeii through Sightseeing Tours Italy. Our guides are experts on the area and are English speaking. You can join a tour from Naples or Sorrento, where a guide will show you the sights and teach you the important history of the region. As a bonus, you will learn about other areas in the region, and get to enjoy the opportunity to make new friends along the way.

Alternatively, make your way on your own to Pompeii via train or bus and join a short walking tour when you arrive!

Getting to Pompeii

Pompeii is very easily accessible, being close to popular towns for travellers in Italy. This means you can visit and join a tour just for the morning or the afternoon. Pompeii is a historical masterpiece, but the preserved town itself is quite small, so you likely won’t need much longer than a few hours here.

Tours will provide coach transfers or make your own way there via Italy’s fantastic public transport.

Regardless of if you join a pre booked tour or make your way through on your own – you will be blown away by Pompeii. Being almost 2000 years old, the stories of Pompeii and its residence will stay with you long after your visit here.

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