Can you tour Pompeii on your own?

Pompeii is truly one of Europe’s most incredible landmarks, an ancient city buried by the imposing Mount Vesuvius.

Pompeii Scavi, Italy

The city stands frozen in time, providing tourists with an incredibly detailed view into the lives of the ruined city’s inhabitants, buried under layers of volcanic ash and pumice.

So it only makes sense that you would want to see it, right? But can you tour Pompeii solo? Well, technically yes – you can take a solo tour of the buried city. But to do so you would need a detailed plan and the tools to ensure you can experience at least some of the history that makes Pompeii such a worthwhile tour.

If you want to get the whole Pompeii experience and learn everything that makes this ruin so entrancing, a guided tour is the ultimate way to go.

Let’s take a look at why.

A tour from Rome offers so much of the country

What makes a Pompeii tour from Rome so special is not just a visit to the ruins themselves, but all the beauty and wonder you take in along the way. A day tour from Rome takes you down the incredible Highway of the Sun, taking you along the stunning Roman countryside and the ornate Castelli Romani.

As you head further toward Pompeii, you will take in the elegant coastal setting of Naples, the glittering Meditteranean and the culprit of the tour – Mount Vesuvius. Here, you can stop for a photo with the majestic volcano (now dormant) volcano.

You will enjoy a delightful lunch at a typical Neapolitan pizzeria before heading on the star attraction: the ruins of Pompeii. Here, an experienced local guide will take you through the ruins, learning everything about the ancient Roman town and everything it was before that fateful day in 79 AD. The city remains today just as it was on the day it was buried, with well-preserved architecture emerging from the once thriving city.

Upon completion of this sobering tour, you will once again head through the picturesque Italian countryside before heading back to the modern metropolis that is the Eternal City.

It’s worth the guide

You can take it in Pompeii solo, but to make the most of the journey it is best to experience it with someone who knows the history through and through. Oh, and you get to skip the queue all the way – not a bad deal, really.

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