Do you need a private guide in Pompeii?

Discover the lost city of Pompeii on a one day private guided tour.

Private guide tours of Pompeii can be beneficial if you want a tour catered for you and your needs. If there’s something you’d like to do or see, you can let the guide know in advance so they can include it in the itinerary!

You don’t necessarily need a private guide, but it’s great when you have a tour based on what you want to do and see for the day.

What can I expect from a private guide in Pompeii?

You can expect to explore Pompeii the way you’d like and see the places you want to see! As long as you let the guide know in advance, they’ll organise an itinerary for you.

Rome to Pompeii

If you’re staying in Rome, you can do this private guided tour as they can arrange a pickup from most accommodations. From Rome to Pompeii, your guide can take you to a fancy lunch, or a local delicious bakery. Depending on what you want to do!

On the way to Pompeii

If there’s somewhere you’d like to visit on the way to Pompeii, let the guide know early so they can include it on the day. Perhaps you want to make a stop off along the Amalfi Coast to see some of the iconic landmarks and even a delicious pizza for lunch.

Arriving at Pompeii

When you get to Pompeii, your private guide will show you around the lost city and the ruins. You’ll learn about the history of Pompeii and certain buildings.

If you can find your own way to Pompeii, you can book this private guide and meet the guide at the front entrance. You can also arrange transport from Naples or Amalfi Coast. On the tour, you’ll go to certain attractions inside the city. But if there’s anything you’d like to see and it’s not on the itinerary, you can let your guide know when booking so they can include it.

What will I see in Pompeii?

Your guide will take you to the most fascinating places in Pompeii. Some attractions you might see include the Amphitheatre, Basilica, Forum, thermal baths, the House of Vettii, and Pompeii’s brothel. But if there’s anything you want to see and it’s not on the itinerary, let your guide know.

When you book a private guide, the tour is all about what you want to see! It can be worth the extra cost to have the tour based around you. But if you feel a private guide in Pompeii isn’t for you, or it’s a little out of your price range, you can still book a guided tour.

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