How to avoid the foot traffic of Pompeii?

The archaeological site of Pompeii is one of the most visited locations in Italy. The vast city is famous throughout the world, known for its catastrophic destruction by the nearby volcano Mount Vesuvius. Leaving this once great city as a perfect snapshot for us to look back and study these ancient times. But as it is so busy, studying to the ruins of Pompeii can actually be quiet a frustrating job, with hundreds of visitors creating massive foot traffic and queues. Read our insider advice for a quieter Pompeii visit.

The Best Season to visit Pompeii

Undoubtedly, the busiest time to visit in during the high season. This is usually from April to October period, where the weather is hot and sticky, and the city is packed. They bump tours up in price due to the demand, and trains are swarming with one day visitors from other nearby cities. Although you do get better weather in the high season, the stampede of tourists can make this an exasperatingly sweaty adventure that you won’t enjoy. Instead, we suggest travelling in the offseason, starting from November to March. Although typically a chiller day, you can almost be undisturbed while you stroll the ancient streets, with only a handful of visitors lining the ruins. Prices also drop so you can save a bit of your spending money while you are at it.

The Top Day to visit Pompeii

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are by far the most popular days to visit, with even some Europeans stopping in for a visit on the weekend. Visiting in the middle of the week will guarantee you fewer crowds, with even some deals for better prices on the quietest days.

The Quietest Hours of Pompeii

On most days, the crowds don’t start arriving until later in the morning, due to the 2 to 3-hour journeys from the largest cities. Visitors hope on buses or trains and head down to Pompeii for a day of discovery, meaning that the foot traffic is quiet at the opening time. Giving you a good hour to walk around freely before the lines start forming. If the morning doesn’t work for you, try arriving 1pm onwards, which is usually when tourists start to pack up and go home. If the peak period is the only time you can manage, avoid the entrance traffic by going through the Piazza Anfiteatro’s entrance, which is the quieter gate.

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