Is it free to walk up Vesuvius?

Mount Vesuvius was the volcano that once destroyed cities, in 79 A.D.

Mount Vesuvius is known for its eruption in 79 A.D. when it destroyed Pompeii and covered the city in volcanic ash. Pompeii wasn’t the only city Vesuvius ruined. Herculaneum was also destroyed by Vesuvius. Since the 79 A.D. eruption, Vesuvius has erupted about 50 times. Mount Vesuvius is still an active volcano and it last erupted in 1944. The volcano is still safe to climb as it is being monitored constantly. If the local geologists notice Mount Vesuvius might erupt, there will be enough time to clear the trail.

It is not free to walk up Mount Vesuvius. You must buy your tickets online and select a timeslot to walk up the volcano. You can start your journey walking Vesuvius either half an hour before or half an hour after your selected timeslot.

How long does the walk up Mount Vesuvius take?

The walk up Mount Vesuvius is steep and the ground can get uneven. The walk is about four kilometres long. Walking up to the top of Vesuvius and back can take one to two hours.

How do I get to Mount Vesuvius?

The best cities to stay in when you plan to visit Vesuvius are Naples, Sorrento, and Rome. From one of these cities, you can get public transport (bus, train), hire a car, or do a guided tour. With the tours, you get picked up from one of the cities and taken to Mount Vesuvius. Most of the tours will also include a visit to Pompeii. This city was one of the cities Mount Vesuvius destroyed in 79 A.D.

What you will see when hiking Mount Vesuvius

When you take the hike to go up Mount Vesuvius, you might see steam coming from the vents inside the crater. The views along the way are worth stopping every so often to look at them. Besides, you might need a quick break while hiking, so you may as well take in the view from the volcano! You will be able to get incredible views of the surrounding cities and the coastline. But the further you go, there might be clouds so the views are limited. Along the way, there are a few cafes, toilets, and souvenir shops.

After you have walked Mount Vesuvius, don’t forget to check out Pompeii. This city was one of the cities that Mount Vesuvius destroyed after its eruption in 79 A.D. When you walk through Pompeii, it will take you back in time to how the Romans lived. You can get a great view of Mount Vesuvius when you stand at The Forum in Pompeii.

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