Is Pompeii open at night?

Pompeii is one of the world’s strangest landmarks, hands down. There aren’t too many other places in the world that are completely buried in time, especially places buried in time and not from a human hand!

Pompeii was the victim of the raging Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, where the rumbling volcano finally erupted, spewing hot and pumice across the Gulf of Naples. Tragically, this ash and pumice covered Pompeii and its unsuspecting residents, casting them in form for eternity.

But, today, Pompeii is an awesome tourist attraction, where you can get an amazing insight into life in the town before the eruption on that unforgiving day some 2,000 years ago.

Pompeii is open from 9am – 7pm, with the last admission being at 5.30pm. Depending on what you consider night, sure, it’s open at night. Otherwise, it’s always best to get there earlier in the day and allow yourself a few hours to experience this wonder.

These amazing sites await you on arrival:

The Antiquarium

You may be completely eager to get inside Pompeii and witness its grand sites, but the Antiquarium is a wonderful place to start your adventure around the ruined town.

Here, you can see plenty of the artefacts found in successive archeological digs, with multi-lingual interactive exhibits displaying them in all their artisanal glory.

The Forum

The Forum is definitely one of Pompeii’s star attractions. The centre of where deals were made and people rendezvoused, the Forum is home to the incredible Temple of Jupiter, the basilica, and an ever-impressive colonnade that frames the whole picture.

The amphitheaters

Pompeiani, like the rest of their Roman counterparts, enjoyed a little light entertainment. This is why you will find two theatres in the complex, the Teatro Grande (Large Theatre) and the Teatro Piccolo (Little Theatre), with both providing fascinating insights into how these doomed citizens enjoyed their leisure time before their numbers were so unceremoniously up!

The House of Mysteries

Perhaps the strangest of all Pompeii sites is one located a little outside the main complex. The House of Mysteries is known as such for its bizarre frescoes that detail something like an ancient cult’s initiation rights.

Historians can’t quite agree on what’s happening, further adding to the mystery, but one thing is for sure – it’s a pretty strange building…

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