Is the Pompeii site open?

Pompeii is easily one of the world’s most fascinating ruins: a sprawling former citadel that only gets the title of “former citadel” because it was buried under the ash and pumice of the adjacent Mount Vesuvius around 2,000 years ago!

Pompeii Fresco

Thankfully, archaeologists were able to excavate much of the ruins and its bizarre intrigues, with the likes of the House of the Faun, the amphitheatre, Forum and House of Mysteries all making up this amazing-yet-eerie landmark.

You will be pleased to know that yet, the Pompeii site is open, and has been for quite some time! You can most certainly visit the ruins, taking your time to meander around the stunning sites and learning all about the incredible place and the terrible fate it suffered on that day in AD 79.

You will be able to see these amazing structures upon your visit…

The House of the Faun

The House of the Faun is the most manoresque villa in all of Pompeii, and despite its artistic treasures having been taken to Naples, it still stands as an impressive piece of well-preserved architecture, survived by the eponymous faun statue residing in the impluvium.

The House of Mysteries

The House of Mysteries, located just outside of central Pompeii, is perhaps the strangest and most intriguing of all of Pompeii’s ruins. Why? Because its detailed frescoes hold a mystery that archaeologists the world over just can’t seem to get their heads around.

Do they represent the ritual rites of an ancient cult? That is the general consensus, but either way it makes a rather eerie place to wander around, pondering what kind of strange rituals could have transpired in the villa before it was covered in fiery ash and pumice…

The Forum

The Forum was the place where things in Pompeii happened: town meetings, wool selling, a shrine for Lares and a temple for Jupiter – it was all happening at The Forum, and today it stands as an impressive testament to the grandeur of the city before it was ultimately engulfed by Vesuvius’ wrath!

The Antiquarium

Sure, the Antiquarium takes you away from the “ancient” feel of Pompeii, with its interactive exhibits and displays, but it does hold many of the artifacts that were part of everyday life in the city, making it a worthwhile place to learn more about Pompeii before you venture into its beautifully-preserved ruins…

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