Is there a dress code for Pompeii?

Pompeii is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the world’s strangest landmarks. The site of a once great Roman citadel is now that of a buried time capsule, a place where Mother Nature reigned supreme with the most violent of lashes.

Mount Vesuvius buried the once prosperous city state way back in AD 79, and today the site is probably most famous for the onsite mummified bodies that can be found ostensibly doing their daily tasks.

It’s certainly an odd landmark, but it’s also incredibly stunning, as it also still houses many of the buildings that made up Pompeiian life before that wild and merciless day almost 2,000 years ago.

You will be happy to know that there is no particular dress code for Pompeii but – like most walkable landmarks – we recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothing, as you don’t want to find your feet getting sore after just a half hour of touring the site!

All that aside, some amazing landmarks await you when you get there, including:

The House of the Faun

Perhaps the grandest of old Pompeii’s manor houses, The House of the Faun is known as such for the little faun statue that Vesuvius’ ash and pumice preserved on that tragic day.

Much of the manor’s design is still well intact, giving you an idea of life for the town’s elite before they met the same fate as their underlings.

The House of Mysteries

Perhaps the most bizarre (and that says something) site in the whole of Pompeii is the house of mysteries. It is bizarre because of the series of frescoes lining its walls: no one can quite figure out what the heck they all mean, but historians do agree on one thing – they are detailing some hectic cult initiation.

It is utterly violent but most intriguing so we totally recommend checking out The House of Mysteries.

The Forum

Any good Roman city needed a pretty spectacular forum, and Pompeii’s was absolutely no exception. The forum was where deals were made and positions forged, where grand colonnades led up to ornate temples and where you could make something happen for yourself.

The theatres

Pompeii was home to a large and small amphitheatre, because we know those ancient Romans liked to enjoy themselves. For lovers of ancient Roman architecture nothing is better than seeing the remnants of a good amphitheatre and the ones in Pompeii are quite spectacular!



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