What do I need to know before going to Pompeii?

Pompeii was once a wealthy town in Italy before a volcanic eruption.

Before going to Pompeii, it’s recommended to learn a bit about the town before visiting. There are very limited signs in the town, so you might stand in front of a building not knowing what it is. This is to try to keep the authenticity of the town. Even though it’s great to keep the authenticity, it makes it hard to know what you’re looking at. So, let’s get into some information about Pompeii!

Why is Pompeii well-known?

Pompeii was a thriving town in Italy until the volcano Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. and destroyed the city. Pompeii was covered in six metres of volcanic ash and rocks for years until a group of explorers in 1748 rediscovered it. Now the city is the largest archaeological site in the world. There are new discoveries found at the site, giving us an insight into how people once lived.

Archaeologists have discovered not long after the eruption, people came to Pompeii and took valuables. Statues and building materials got taken and there was graffiti left on some of the walls.


There were fresco paintings all throughout the city and inside public and private buildings and homes. The frescoes can usually tell us what the building was used for. Or the frescoes can display the Pompeii resident’s beliefs, values, and indulgences.


Throughout the city, there were the remains of Pompeii residents and animals after the eruption. The remains became preserved from volcanic ash. Now there have been over 1000 bodies found since the eruption. Some of the body remains got made into a grey cast thanks to a method by Guiseppe Fiorelli.


The Basilica was the largest building in the Forum. To find the Basilica in Pompeii, go towards the main square where the Forum is. You’ll then see what was once a massive building that held official public functions.

House of the Faun

An elite family once lived at the House of the Faun. Surrounding the house is full of greenery like hedges, bushes, and trees. This house was also one of the bigger houses in the town and even today it is still very well intact.

As you can tell, there is a lot to learn about Pompeii before making your trip there. You can also buy skip-the-line tickets or book a tour. If you book a tour, there will be a tour guide to show you around Pompeii and tell you more about some of the buildings and frescoes.

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