A Day Trip to Mount Vesuvius: Exploring the Volcano and its Surroundings

Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano in mainland Europe, and it hasn’t erupted since 1944.

You will need a full day exploring Mount Vesuvius and its fascinating surroundings. There is just so much you can do and see in the area. You may even find yourself coming back for a second day to explore the rest!

How can I climb Mount Vesuvius?

If you want to hike up Mount Vesuvius, you will need to buy your tickets online and select a timeslot.

As you are making your way up the volcano, the ground is a bit uneven. Keep also in mind that it’s a quite steep climb. The walk up is about four kilometres and it can take you somewhere between one to two hours to reach the top.

During your walk to the top, you can enjoy incredible views of the surrounding areas. Make sure you take photos on the way up, as the top can sometimes get a bit cloudy and block the view. Once at the top you’ll be so proud of yourself of making it all the way!

Is it safe to climb Mount Vesuvius?

The short answer is yes, it’s safe to climb Mount Vesuvius. Climbing an active volcano may not sound safe to do, but there are local geologists monitoring Mount Vesuvius every day. If the geologists notice a change in the volcano, they are already on top of it (pun intended) to clear the trail in time and warn cities nearby before an eruption will happen.

What else can I see after I have climbed Mount Vesuvius?

The surrounding areas around Mount Vesuvius exist of many towns. Popular cities nearby are Naples and Sorrento which are great places to stay if you plan to visit Mount Vesuvius.

Other nearby famous attractions and towns to visit are Pompeii and Herculaneum. These towns got frozen in time and destroyed after the 79 A.D. Mount Vesuvius eruption. You can try to visit both towns on the same day, but it is not recommended as it’s a lot of kilomtres to cover and you might be quite tired from the hike alone.

If you’re looking to go to one town in a day, Pompeii is more popular as it is larger. Due to the town being larger, it hosts main public buildings like the forum and an amphitheatre. Though Herculaneum is in better condition because it wasn’t hit with as many rocks and the town got covered in ash more. The volcanic ash was what really helped keep both ancient towns in good condition.

Not sure where to stay during your trip to Mount Vesuvius? Choose either Naples or Sorrento. These cities are not only a lot of fun, they are also the closest to Mount Vesuvius if you travel around by public transport. Plus, many guided tours are leaving from the cities.

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