How far is Pompeii ruins from the train station?

Pompeii is by far one of the most fascinating places in Italy. With the entire city classified as ruins, it’s easy an easy walk from the closest train station.

There are a few train stations near Pompeii, but the closest is only a short walk from the Pompeii site. The Pompei Scavi Villa Dei Misteri is the closest train station to Pompeii which runs trains from Naples and Sorrento.

Other nearby stations are about a five minute drive or shorter. These stations are Torre Annunziata Centrale, Pompeii, Moregine, and Pompei Santuario.

What can I see when in Pompeii?

Pompeii is an ancient city filled with ruins. Ever since the volcanic eruption from Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, the city got frozen in time. You can spend a few hours up to a day walking through the city discovering something different around every corner.


The frescoes are one of the most fascinating parts of Pompeii that you must see. It’s incredible you can still see the ancient paintings, especially after a volcanic eruption.

Typically, the paintings were the resident’s beliefs, indulgences, or values.

You can find some frescoes inside residents’ homes, or outside some buildings.

House of the Faun

House of the Faun is a great example of how some of the wealthier residents lived. This house is one of the larger homes in Pompeii and is the most visited house in Pompeii.

The Forum

Like most ancient Roman towns, Pompeii also had a Forum. The Forum was the centre of all things to do with culture, religion, politics, and trade. The Forum is also known for having a lot of important and fascinating buildings in the area. Pompeii Basilica was the largest building in the Forum where it once held official public functions.

The Forum also had baths with separate entrances for men and women. Bathing wasn’t seen as a private thing back then, so these baths were open to the public.

What’s the best way to see Pompeii?

A great way to see Pompeii is by doing a tour. You can do a two hour guided walking tour which takes you to the most popular attractions inside Pompeii. Or you can have a guided tour of Pompeii and climb Mount Vesuvius and get up and close to what destroyed the ancient city.

Since Pompeii is an archaeological site, there isn’t a lot of signage around the area, making it hard to recognise what you’re looking at. With a tour guide, they’ll be able to tell you about certain buildings, paintings, and items that are around.

Make sure you have a ticket pre-booked before making your way to Pompeii on the train! We also recommend going earlier in the day to avoid the crowds and the lengthy queues getting in.

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