The Story of the Unluckiest Man in Pompeii

Learn about how a man became the unluckiest after a major volcanic eruption.

In 79 AD, Pompeii was hit and destroyed by the Vesuvius eruption. For years, Pompeii was hidden under a thick layer of volcanic ash, completely forgotten about before being rediscovered.

Later becoming an archaeological site, we so on started to learn about the stories and history of Pompeii and the people who lived there.

Named the world’s unluckiest man, this Pompeii man was said to have been killed by a rock while he was fleeing from Mount Vesuvius while it was erupting. His skeleton was found without a head and a block in place of where his head should’ve been.

A later discovery in 2018, archaeologists found his skull in a tunnel from a previous excavation. Not that the Pompeii man was any luckier, but he died from asphyxiation.

What to see when in Pompeii

Pompeii is one of the largest archaeological sites, and we’re lucky enough to be able to wander through it learning more about the history that took place many years ago. As you walk through the streets, here are some of the top things you should check out while in Pompeii.

The Brothel

The Pompeii Brothels is unsurprisingly a popular building to visit, and it was likely as popular back when it was active. The Brothel is a small building with stone beds and frescos. The frescos are believed to have been a type of menu and a way to get customers in the mood.

Garden of the Fugitives

The Garden of Fugitives is rather unsettling, showing the cast of 13 bodies of people who didn’t make it out of the city at the time of the eruption. The garden was an old vineyard and sits at the back of the city.

House of the Faun

The House of the Faun is Pompeii’s biggest home, and the name comes from the faun statue that sits in the front courtyard. The home also has a courtyard at the back with a detailed mosaic.

To make it easy for you, you can book a tour that includes a tour guide. You’ll hear about the history and stories of Pompeii while checking out the main highlights. This tour from Naples or Sorrento also includes an opportunity to climb Mount Vesuvius!

See the Frescos

Throughout different buildings and homes, Pompeii has colourful frescos. Some worth seeing include the House of Venus in the Shell, the Villa of the Mysteries, and the House of the Small Fountain.


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