What is the Difference between Capri and Anacapri?

The small island of Capri is the hidden jewel of Italy. Nestled in the Bay of Naples, the Island is well known for its relaxing atmosphere and natural beauty. Here you will find not just one, but two beautiful towns: named Capri and Anacapri. Both towns are widely different, so it’s good to know each town’s charms and drawbacks before setting off to the island.

What you can do at Capri

Capri is the louder, bubblier sister to Anacapri. It is home to larger crowds, more shops, and bars, as well as tourist attractions. It is the place to be if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city life. As well as cosmopolitan sights, Capri is home to ancient Roman ruins. History buffs will flock to these Roman ruins, such as Villa Jovis. It is one of the twelve villas built on the island by Emperor Tiberius. Stroll through to see the skeletons of the thermal baths, servant quarters, and function rooms left over. If you wanting to shop at the Italian boutiques, Capri will certainly not disappoint you. It is a destination for the rich, with high-end fashion stores on offer. Carpi is also home to the nightlight of the island, with numerous bars and restaurants closing much later than Anacapri.

What you can do at Anacapri

Anacapri is located on the slopes of Mount Solaro, sitting at a higher elevation compared to the Capri town. It is a small cliff town consisting of about 7,000 residents and is perfect blissed-outbreaks with your partner or posse away from the crowds. There are still shops and restaurants lining the streets, but they decrease in price and style compared to the town Capri. The famous Blue grotto is much closer to Anacapri and is well worth the journey. Its enchanting world of glowing blue waters is by far one of the most famous natural attractions in southern Italy. As well, there is a spectacular view at Anacapri’s Monte Solaro. This is the highest point on the island and offers incredible 360-degree views of the island and the sapphire sea. If you want your troubles to melt away as you discover the local Italian life amongst the stunning scenery, Anacapri is for you.

The Verdict

Which town you choose for your next trip completely depends on whether you’re looking for a relaxing break amongst the stunning scenery or a more upbeat adventure. Anacapri is perfect for an escape from reality where you can spend the day lying at the beach and meeting the locals. Capri is the place to go if you are interested in a day of adventure, with shopping, sightseeing, food, and history all bursting in all directions. The dreamy destination of Capri Island is well worth the stopover, providing the perfect trip for any kind of traveller.

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